Plaka beach in Naxos among best Mediterranean Beaches

Plaka beach in Naxos among best Mediterranean Beaches

Mediterranean beaches are known for their unmatched resorts, tropical feel and pristine settings. Thousands of tourists gather around the Mediterranean every year because of its majestic appeal, crystal clear waters and relaxing beach vacations. Beach lovers from all over the world look for the best getaways and they go to Greece, Italy, and other parts of the Mediterranean.

The Greenest Greek Island known as Naxos is surrounded by fertile valleys and high mountains. It is also full of pristine beaches and remarkable landscapes. The Naxos shore is now considered as one of the top destinations for the jet-setting crowd. Plaka Beach is one of the best beaches in this wondrous Greek island and it is very popular for its long and sprawling length of white sand. Behind the beach are sand dunes that also attract visitors. So, Plaka easily makes this list of best Mediterranean Beaches. You can expect to enjoy every second of your stay on Plaka beach.


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