All activities on Naxos

All activities on Naxos

This is a full list of the activities available on Naxos plus some useful links with information on things you can do on your own.
This page is updated regularly.


  • Basiliko (or Vassiliko) -> Taverna between Kato (lower) and Messi (middle) Potamia settlements offering cooking classes. The taverna is situated in a green valley by the river that crosses the three Potamia villages, as well as on the hiking trail that connects these villages. Local and organic produce, herbs and aromatic plants are used in their recipes. At the end of the lesson, you enjoy the dishes you have made with local wine and traditional music. A tour of the most charming spots of the village, a visit to the family’s garden or cheese making classes are offered upon request. Classes are offered privately or in small or large groups. Tripadvisor
  • Korres Family Winery -> The family’s vineyards cover 25 acres, all organic and certified by DIO, which along with the winery are located at Aghia, Koronida. In recent years, the Korres family has been making three wines on Naxos. There is the red Evi Evan and the rosé Evi Evan, both from the Fokiano grape variety, plus a white Evi Evan, a blend of Muscat, Monemvasia, Savvatiano and Aidani. To arrange a visit, call +302285024100 or +306973330045.
  • La Vigne Wine Bar & Food -> Direct import of Greek and French organic wine and champagne, fusion restaurant. TA
  • Naxos Cultural Tours -> Food tours and cuisine masterclasses.
  • Naxos Sun Holidays -> Travel agency in Agios Prokopios organising culinary tours and cooking classes. TA
  • Oinohoros Wine Bar & Shop – Tranampelo Vineyard -> A rare collection of more than 150 labels from selected indigenous varieties from all over Greece. Their collection includes ”Tranampelo” from their own vineyard on Naxos. Wine tasting paired with a selection of Naxos cheese tidbits. An oenologist and a sommelier are available for further information and assistance. TA
  • Philema Food Tours -> Food and culture tours to exclusive destinations such as a vineyard, a cheese home, a lush organic farm, a marble quarry and workshop, a honeybee farm and much more. Full and half day private tours including tours especially for kids. Customized tours and special events for unique occasions are also available. TA
  • Platia Naxos -> Restaurant in Galini village offering cooking classes of authentic Greek meals with fresh ingredients from their farm. Activity with transfer included offered by Naxos Tours. TA
  • Saint Anna Winery -> Traditional stone winery in Kato Potamia village offering tours in small groups. In the middle of the compound there is the byzantine church of Saint Anna (9th c. AD). Wine produced here is exclusively organic. At the end of the tour wine tasting and food pairing. TA
  • Vallindras Kitron Distillery -> Traditional Kitron distillery in Chalki village has pioneered Naxos’ renowned citron liqueur, one of three Greek aperitifs marketed with a Protected Designation of Origin. The kitron liqueur is produced since 1896 from the citrus tree leaves (lat. Citrus Medica). The distillate gives three basic spirit types: yellow at 36 degrees, white at 33 degrees, and green at 30 degrees. Guided tours of the facilities and sampling of the aperitif. TA
  • Vioma Naxos -> Cooking lessons in a village or a bakery, food tasting tours in Naxos Town or Apiranthos village, and meals prepared in your private villa or home by the Vioma team. TA

For more information on these activities please contact us.

Naxos Cultural Tours -> Half and full day cultural and history tours on Naxos, Delos and Mykonos by professional, certified guides. Semi-private tours in small groups and private tours on request.

For more information on the tours please contact us.


  • Naxos Bus Transfer -> Full day bus tours to Naxos villages, beaches, and sights, VIP transfer service. TA
  • Naxos Island Tours -> Naxos Round to the main sights, Hidden Naxos tour to East Naxos, Sunset City Walk in Naxos Town, transfers, and private tours. TA
  • Naxos Sun Holidays -> Half-day and full-day tours to the main sights on Naxos; tailor-made tours also available upon request. TA
  • Naxos Tours -> Full day guided bus tours to Naxos’ main sights; half-day tours on request.

For more information on the tours please contact us.

The Islanders -> Private and semi-private photo tours on a minivan.

For more information on the photo tours please contact us.


  • Naxos Discovery -> Private, tailor-made guided tours to castles and towers, churches and monasteries, traditional villages, as well as natural sites. Private transfer is included. Tours offered in English or French. TA
  • Naxos Hiking -> Private walking tours with Stella through Naxos villages offered in English, German or Italian. TA
  • Naxos Tours -> Walking tours to Byzantine churches, Melanes and Potamia villages, and on the Kinidaros to Engares river route.
  • Naxos Trails -> Hiking and trekking tours off the beaten tracks. Tours are offered in English. Transfer on luxury bus included.
  • Naxos Trekking -> Tailor made guided tours offered in English. The guides share their knowledge about history, nature, geology, culture and traditions of Naxos. Their tours include sightseeing, exploration hikes, and discovery walks. ΤΑ

Naxos’ network of signposted trails -> English, Ελληνικά
Hiking trails on Naxos by Raymond Verdoolaege -> English, Français, Nederlands

For more information on the tours please contact us.


  • Aurelia e-assist bikes -> Licence free e-bike rentals manufactured on Naxos. Free delivery to the port, airport, or hotel and free charging spots throughout the island. TA
  • Naxos Bikes -> Bike and e-bike rentals with delivery to the hotel, private guided tours, and repair service. TA
  • Naxos Cultural Tours – > Cultural cycling tours by certified guides.
  • Naxos Trails -> Guided bike tours for all levels and bike rentals. English speaking guide. Road Cycling Training Camps in spring and autumn.
  • Real Bike -> Bike, e-bike and scooter rentals, bike, trail running accessories and micro scooter shop, specialised service, bike keeping.

Bike trails on Naxos -> English, Ελληνικά

For more information on the tours and bike rentals please contact us.

Naxos Horse Riding Club -> Two and three-hour horse riding tours on the beach for beginner and advanced riders. Rides take place in the morning and in the afternoon. Lessons for children and adults. Open all year round. TA

For more information on the horse riding club please contact us.


  • Cycladic Cruises -> Day trips to Delos, Mykonos, Santorini, Upper Koufonissi, and Iraklia on Alexander and to the southwest beaches and South Naxos on Jason. The trip to Santorini includes guided bus tour. TA (”Alexander”), TA (”Jason”)
  • Gialitissa Traditional Boat Trips -> Trips aboard a traditional boat along the pristine south coast of Naxos. Trips start from Panermos beach, with final destination the Rina Cave.
  • Kerras Cruises -> Day cruises to Iraklia and Upper Koufonissi. TA
  • Panteleos Cruises -> Day trips to Delos, Mykonos, Santorini, Upper Koufonissi, Amorgos, and Iraklia on ”Naxos Star”. The trip to Santorini includes guided bus tour.

For more information on the trips please contact us.


  • ActionSeaze -> Full and half day sailing trips to South Naxos (Rina Cave), Upper and Lower Koufonissi, Schinoussa, Iraklia, Dounoussa, Antiparos, and Despotiko; sunset tours. Trips can be shared or private. What’s included: lunch, drinks, refreshments, snacks, SUP and snorkelling equipment, and free Wi-Fi. They also offer Greek cuisine tasting and party or events arrangements. TA
  • Anna Maria Yacht -> Sailing trips to South Naxos (Rina Cave), Upper and Lower Koufonissi, Schinoussa, Iraklia, Donoussa, and Paros. They also have packages such as the Sunset Cocktail Sail and the Wedding Sail Experience. TA
  • Captain Panos -> Sailing trips to Upper and Lower Koufonissi, Iraklia, Schinoussa, and Paros. Private cruises also available. TA
  • Naxos Catamaran S/Y Apollon -> Day trips to Northeast or South Naxos, the Minor Cyclades, and Paros. Sunset tours and private charters are also available. Coffee, cold refreshments, traditional lunch cooked and served on-board, chilled local wine, beer, fresh fruit salads, snorkelling equipment. TA
  • Naxos Sailing S/Y Annabella -> Day trips to South Naxos (Rina Cave or Kalados Bay), Upper and Lower Koufonissi, Iraklia, Schinoussa, Paros (Naoussa or Pisso Livadi), and Panteronissia islets. What’s included: soft drinks, water, wine, snacks, dinghy, DVD with photos, free Wi-Fi, Naxos seasonal fruits, noodles, raincoats, sailing lessons, snorkelling equipment, waterproof flashlights, bed sheets for overnight tour. TA
  • Naxos Yachting Catamarans Danae & Rena -> Day trips to South or North Naxos and/or the Minor Cyclades; also, private sunset cruises, special occasion arrangements, WaterAction cruises, on-board wine-tasting, yoga sunset cruises. What’s included: coffee & cakes, cold refreshments, delicious traditional lunch served on-board, chilled local wine and raki served with lunch, fresh fruit salads, snorkelling equipment, swimming flotation aids, Wi-Fi. TA
  • Xanemo Sailing -> Sailing trips to Naxos southwest beaches, South Naxos (Rina Cave), Upper and Lower Koufonissi, Iraklia, and Schinoussa. Their cruises include adults only or private honeymoon day trips, local food & wine tasting tours, and private sunset cruises. Tailor made cruises are also available. TA

For more information on the trips please contact us.


  • Fantasy Rib Cruises -> Private and semi-private trips to Paros, Antiparos, Delos, Mykonos, Upper Koufonissi, Iraklia, and Schinoussa. What’s included: snacks, fresh fruit, bottled water, soft drinks, local wine, and snorkelling equipment. Skippered and non-skippered rib rentals, sea transfers, tailor made and VIP private cruises, romantic sunset cruises, DJ dance or live music cruises, and chase tenders. TA
  • Katsonis Marine Boats -> Rib boat rentals for 4 to 8 persons. Boat driving licence is required. Skippered rentals also available.
  • Naxos Deep Blue Rib Cruises -> Skippered and non-skippered rib boat rentals. Cruises to North and South Naxos, Upper and Lower Koufonissi, Schinoussa, Antiparos, and Despotiko; also, private sunset tours, VIP island transport and specialized VIP services. TA
  • Naxos Sofia Fishing Trip -> Fishing trips from Naxos Town. Fisherman’s soup prepared on board included.
  • Naxos Voyages -> Private cruises to secluded spots on crewed boats, sea transfers by rib boat or speed boat, boat rentals, private dining services. Their trip destinations include sea caves and islets south of Paros, Antiparos, Despotiko, Mykonos, Iraklia, Schinoussa, Upper and Lower Koufonissi.
  • Panteleos Mini Yacht Charters -> Skippered and non-skippered motorboat rentals. Trips to Paros, Antiparos, Delos, Mykonos, Upper and Lower Koufonissi, Schinoussa, Iraklia, Donoussa and Amorgos, fishing trips, sunset cruises.
  • Speed Boat Naxos -> Licence free speed boat rentals.

For more information on the trips and boat rentals please contact us.


  • Blue Fin Divers -> Scuba-diving school in Agios Prokopios. Courses for beginners and advanced. Beach bar-restaurant. TA
  • Nima Dive Center -> Scuba-diving school in Agia Anna. Private courses available on request. TA

For more information on scuba-diving please contact us.


  • Flisvos Kitecentre Naxos -> Kite surfing lessons and rentals on Orkos beach. TA
  • Flisvos Sportclub -> Windsurfing, wing foiling, mountain biking, kite & sail trips, and restaurant on St. George beach. Surf shop on St. George beach and in Naxos Town. TA
  • Laguna Beach Park -> Windsurfing lessons and rentals on Stelida or Laguna beach. TA
  • Naxos Kitelife -> Kite surfing and hydrofoil lessons and rentals on Parthena beach, Mikri Vigla. Surf shop in Naxos Town. TA
  • Naxos Kitesurf Club -> Kitesurfing lessons and rentals, SUP, and canoe on Glyfada beach, Kastraki. TA
  • Naxos Surf Club -> Windsurfing lessons and rentals on Stelida or Laguna beach, under the Laguna Beach Park management.
  • Plaka Watersports -> Windsurfing lessons and rentals on Plaka beach; also, windsurfing and kite surfing lessons & rentals, SUP, judo training camps, and yoga camps. TA
  • Ride with the Gods -> Windsurfing and kite surfing lessons & rentals, and SUP on Kastraki beach; also, judo training camps and yoga camps. TA
  • Thalasea Sports -> Kite surfing lessons and rental, windsurfing rental, beach bar on Parthena beach, Mikri Vigla. Private and group lessons available. TA

For more information on windsurfing and kitesurfing please contact us.


For more information on watersports please contact us.

Aqua Fun -> Water slides, cafe and pool bar. TA

For more information on the water park please contact us.


  • Amaxa Naxos -> Rides at Naxos Town waterfront (”Paralia”), wedding and event services. 

For more information on the horse carriage rides please contact us.


  • Genesis Gym
  • Naxos Gym Marsoula Anevlavi -> Aerobics, step, power yoga, pilates studio, reformer pilates, aerial fitness, personal training, body building, cross fit, bouldering, contemporary dancing, and kung fu.
  • Naxos Island Gym -> Body building, weight lifting, power lifting, cross fit, TRX, and cardio. Day and week passes available. TA

For more information on the gyms and personal trainers please contact us.

Naxos Tennis Club -> Three brand new tennis courts plus a mini tennis court, specially designed for the young players’ needs. The club also features a lobby, dressing rooms and a spacious car park for its members. TA

For more information on the tennis club please contact us.

Naxos Mini Soccer Club -> Two 5X5 courts that can be easily turned into an 8X8 one, spacious parking area, and refreshments stand.

For more information on the mini soccer please contact us.

Heart Rock Go Kart -> Kartodrome on the route to Galanado village created by a team who loves racing and provides a safe and fun experience for the entire family. The specialized staff will assist you, while there is also a bar where you can take a break and sip on a cooling refreshment. Open from 10 am until midnight. Tel. 6996753632, 6932436874 and 6997119380.

For more information on the go kart please contact us.


  • Cine Naxos -> Open air cinema sporting a digital projection unit and state-of-the-art multichannel dolby surround audio system. Plays exclusively latest movies. Parking space, fully accessible to people with disabilities. TA
  • Iakovos Kambanellis Museum -> Classical film screenings, theatrical play readings, theatre and cinema workshops, children’s activities. TA
  • Naxos Cinema Club -> Film screenings of select movies
  • Prokopios Arts Festival -> Open-air film screenings, live music, dancing.

For more information on the film screenings please contact us.

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